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Kathodik - Italy - August 2014

English translation:  “This Navona CD offers us two orchestral pieces by Welsh composer, Brian Noyes, which are said to have been heavily inspired by the provincial poet John Clare. In an attempt to reproduce the imaginative mix of emotions that characterize the poems of Clare, Noyes weaves narrative threads contrasting folkloric motifs in turbulent orchestral sounds, within a harmonic language that expertly alternates tonal shades and chromatic colouring. A narrative, of course, which remains on a relatively abstract level (which is inevitable), but that shines out in its consistency and refinement, and conveys the idea of a path, also internalised, which is full of obstacles, in which the subject struggles, conscious of its limitations (sometimes the melodies that describe it are almost swallowed by unrelenting gusts of orchestral sound) but also of its potential, which is also the potential of the music.”

John Clare Society

"The music does what music does so well by conveying different emotional states, and the shifting orchestral textures and timbres are constantly fascinating."

Piano Trio Op 38 ( the spirit of Ave Maris Stella)

"a moody, compelling work that has an almost orchestral fullness to it."          Gapplegate Classical Music Review

  © Brian Noyes 2014